Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ok, so let's be honest...I didn't quite keep my promise. LOL....It's been over a month and there is lots to tell. Chris flew down and stayed with the kids and me for our last week. He had a interview at the job center (known to people at home as the employment office). Long story short, the lady loved him and gave him 3 good jobs to apply for. She also set him up an interview the next day and that company fell in love with him. After 3 more interviews and a test, he has been hired! It is an upper management job as a Special Projects Application Specialist. YAY!
Now for the super scary part. He starts Nov. 28th and we still haven't sold our house. We will be staying (more than likely unless we get a contract on it) in a furnished condo again until it sells and then we will move all our stuff. Whew! God has really got the wheels turning and this are quickly falling into place. We will be leaving soon, so we are trying to tie up all the loose ends before we leave. Please be in prayer and please be understanding if I am a total lunatic. I love you all and will see or talk to you soon!

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