Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting Settled!

Hey guys!!! Hope you are ready for Christmas, it's just around the corner. All of our packages are wrapped and ready except for a few in TN. We are settling in here in FL and enjoying the sunny weather. Its been 60s and 70s almost everyday! Lots of new things to get used to, but it's going pretty smooth. We sold our house this week and we have found a wonderful townhouse over near North Lagoon area and we are less than a minute from the water. Our anticipated move in date is Jan. 10th...hopefully a little before. God is soooo good and sold it just in the right time. We are sooo excited about getting out of this resort. Parking garages, elevators, and lots of tourists are nice, but not at your We are ready for the townhouse!
Chris' job is going well too. He has already went on his first business trip and has several more planned. He is learning alot and having fun doing it. (that's the most important thing) He works with alot of nice people, and has a wonderful view from his office. It faces the bay, which is only about 10 steps away. He saw dolphins playing one afternoon and text me to rub it in. I reminded him I was at home and could walk down to the beach anytime I :)
Unfortunately, we have been doing lots and lots of school to stay on track for an early summer. The water is fairly chilly, so we just go down for walks, to read, or to play in the sand for awhile. Its really good to be down there for Bailey as much as possible. He has only gotten in 2 or 3 times though. Like I said, it's pretty chilly. He will dip his legs and then run cover up. The question everyone wants to know, "is he getting better?" Well, it's not that simple. Dr's have told us it will take his body long amounts of time to fully heal, but does he "feel" better, the answer is YES. No crying at night and aching in his sleep. His places look fairly the same which is amazing. Since we have moved here, the "new Dr." did not want to continue his light treatments. So he is missing those. This summer it shouldn't be an issue, but right now, I feel like they were helping him some. All of his medicines are the same for now, but we are hoping we can cut some out this summer. Especially the prednisolone. It is very bad for you and he has been on it a long, long time. As far as infections, he has been great. No infections or signs of any for awhile now. Say a prayer that this will stay that way. Once he gets one, it takes forever to fight it. We found that out in Sept. while we were here and he got in a pool. Needless to say, he has not touched the pool. :)
Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, we will be able to dip him and stay out so much more and not have to worry about school so much. We should wrap up our year in April if we stay on track.
So, as far as churches go, we have found one that I think will be a keeper!
St. Andrews Baptist Church in Panama City is only a 10 minute drive across the bridge, but is well worth it. They have welcomed us in with open arms and the kids love their great kids programs. Every Wednesday night is family dinner in the fellowship hall, followed by a short devo. Everyone knows, I LOVE DINNERS at church! Even though we miss our church in TN so bad.....we are really liking this new church. The kids have started AWANA and are really liking it. They have made lots of friends and so have we. :)
Well, like I said, it's almost Christmas. I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year. Remember the "reason" for the season and keep it in your heart as you travel from party to party! Love you all!

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