Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Springtime!

Finally Spring has arrived!~
Of course, most of our winter here felt like Spring already...it's kind of like we have jumped into Summer. Easter is at the end of the week, and oh, how we are gonna miss being with family this weekend. I have got a ham to cook, and we are gonna dye some eggs, but we are gonna miss the family gatherings and egg hunts. Instead, this week we will spend most days at the Marina Civic Center for the Panama City Passion Play that is put on by our church. {go HERE for more info.} It is a very LARGE production. Kirsten will be participating in the performances on Thurs, Fri, and Sat night. She is very excited to get to join in. Chris and me and Bailey will be spectators each night. :O)
Our homeschooling is finally winding down for the year and we have less than a week left to go. The kids are very excited to be finished and have lots of time for bike riding and swimming. We have been going to beach about once a week to try to get Bailey some water, but he really needs more than once a week. I can't wait to be done with school, so that we can just stay out there all the time. He is still looking quite a bit better and we are still only taking claritin and singulair....this is probably the least amount of meds that he has ever taken. He has also been seeing my chiropractor here on the beach. She is a wonderful lady. She found that he had some pinched nerves in his neck, so she has been working on getting that corrected for him. It will take awhile to see if there are any improvements to his health. She says that all bodily functions and illnesses can be connected to your spine. So we hope that this correction could maybe help his overall health. {fingers crossed}
Chris job is still going well and his travel is slowing up a bit {thank goodness}. He has started walking with some of the men at work and he has invited several of them to church at St. Andrew. We are hopeful that they will come for a visit.
So, I guess that is it for now...things are pretty much normal and boring...LOL. {that's the way I like it} Enjoy your Spring!!!!

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