Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Ok, so Spring officially arrived and has brought with it MANY BEACH DAYS! We are really enjoying our beach time. We had a wonderful Easter and celebrated with our new church family. It was definately weird not being back home with family for our traditional dinner though.

This is the kids on one of their last days of school work for the year. They were soooooo excited to be done for awhile. They really worked hard these last few weeks.

Melissa ready to head to Scampy's for some seafood.
We have also had some visitors!! We have had Nanny and Poppy, Nanny and Nana, and of course, The Jenkinators.

Kirsten out in front of our house being goofy!

Ready for an evening ride!
 We are so glad that it is summer and ready for a visit back home. Hopefully, July 13th we will be pulling up in TN for a two week stay with family and friends! Hope everyone back home are doing well. Love to you all!

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