Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 7 Pics

Here are all the pictures from yesterday as promised. These are from the Denver Nature and Science Museum and of downtown. Most were taken by Bailey himself.  :)
He loved all of the animal exhibits
The wax people looked so real!
Bailey in front of some of the huge dinosaurs
You know he loves his penguins!
Bailey's library and archives!! LOL
We loved driving around last night looking at the buildings
This area downtown has a whole street blocked off for shopping. We hope to go back and look a little. They had an "I <3 cool.="" denver="" looks="" store="" td="" that="">
There are not a lot of churches. I can tell we aren't in the Bible belt. The ones that are here are beautiful though.
He loved this Nightmare Before Christmas art in the alley
This is a cool little diner. If his food tests come back where he can eat a little more normal, we may try this place.

Things are going well so far today. We are in a wet wrap, so I will post more tonight. :)


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