Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denver Day 6

Today I was determined to squeeze in something fun. We went to the hospital first thing and checked in and did our first soak and wet wrap for 2 hours. While he was wrapped we worked on school work and then got him dressed to head to the Denver Zoo. It is really close (actually only a few blocks) from our hospital. So it really didn't take us but a minute to head over there. We had a blast. He did get a tad too hot in the sweat suit since it was 74 degrees, but his skin is about the texture of wet toilet paper when he gets out of the long wrap and it tears really easy. He likes the soft insides of the sweats because they don't rub his places and they look much better than cotton PJs. :) As soon as we were done at the zoo...he was ready for bath number 2 and some dinner. We found a nice place called Noodles and Co. where we were able to get him some gluten free noodles. We both enjoyed dinner and had a fun time together. We have been blessed with lots of bonding time.
We did go back to the hospital for soak number 3 and wet wraps a little while ago and I already have him in the bed and asleep.  Here are some the pics from the day. I am hoping tomorrow to take him to a museum or something fun again, since Monday all of the extra appointments will be mixed in to the soaks and wraps.
Bailey was our photographer today...All of the animal pics were taken by him, except the ones that he is in, of course.

He loved the monkeys..his favorite part was watching one poop in its

He waited most of the day to get to the penguins...he wants to see if he can have one as a

The Hyena is Bailey's favorite thing at the zoo..he bought a stuffed one to take home. He named him "Denny".

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