Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denver Day 7

This pic is in the large park near downtown. It is from the area where the Museum and the zoo are located. Think of it like a smaller central Park. Love the snowy mountains in the background!
Well, today once again started out bright and early at the hospital. We got there a couple minutes before 8am and went straight to our room. We ordered breakfast for Bailey and got the bath process going. He did a bleach bath today to make sure any germs are gone and soaked for almost 45 minutes. After his soak, we got him all wrapped up and in the bed for 2 hours. While he was wrapped, I used that time to feed him breakfast and we worked on school. I was his hands for both, of course, and we managed to get all caught up for the upcoming week on his school (he got a day behind at the beginning of the week when we first got to the hospital).
After he was out of his wrap, I carried some of his laundry down and got it in the washer so we would have plenty for the next wraps of the day. His nurse came in to look at him and is pleased with his progress. She said we could skip the midday bath as long as he applied some lotion at the museum...this please him to have the whole afternoon. She also thinks there is a possibility of staying longer, but I will have to talk to the Dr. in the AM.
We headed out a little before lunch and went over to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the afternoon. We had a wonderful time looking through the museum. They have beautiful exhibits there. I took a ton of pictures (and so did Bailey), but the camera is in the trunk of the car.  Bailey refuses to let me go back down and get it. He is super sleepy and doesn't want to walk down there or stay alone in the room. I will post a few of our pictures on tomorrows post. :) Bailey said his favorite part was the dinosaurs and the mummies (even though they totally creeped him out).
For dinner, a Korean group of ladies came to the RMH and cooked a yummy supper. Bailey said that it was no where near as good as aunt Linli's food. I tried to explain that Korean and Chinese are a little different, but to him, Asian is all Chinese I think. ;) He said even Linli's rice is better. They were very sweet ladies and they made a spread. They had Korean beef, a vegetarian stir-fry with vermicelli noodles and veggies, a beautiful salad with a sesame dressing they made, and fruit. I appreciated a nice meal tonight. I feel like I have either skipped a lot of meals or eaten junk or granola the whole time. I think in the last week we might have had 2 really yummy meals.
After dinner, me and Bailey took a ride into downtown and I drove slow and let him take pictures of buildings and things he found interesting. Denver is such a different place, he found lots of things to take pictures of. We also found a couple of places that we would like to visit. They have a really nice aquarium that we hope we might can squeeze in maybe just an hour or two to try to visit one evening before they close, and we also heard about an area just outside of town near the mountains that has a natural hot springs. He is wanting to ask his dr. if we could go there one day. I told him we will see. We are starting to run out of time. We should leave on Saturday unless our dr. tells us we need more time tomorrow.
Overall, today was a great day. He laughed, played and danced around all day. He told me several times how good he felt and he was in a really good mood. Tonight when he laid down, there was no pacing the room, no crying and no needing massaging. This is a first this week. He is usually itching and hurting because of the wraps he has to sleep in. He says they itch his skin. I am guessing it is probably the strong meds inside that give him the itchy, painful feeling. Tonight, he actually fell asleep while I was typing this out. Watching him sleep makes me so happy. He is peaceful tonight and not in pain. I am so thankful to each and every person who has made this trip possible for us. I can never repay this gift. Even if we don't get everything we were (and still are) hoping for, know that you gave him hope and some ways of managing this horrible illness. That makes it worth it to me. I still pray that we get more answers and come away with clear skin and no more pain. On that note....I wish you all goodnight! Love and Hugs to everyone!

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