Friday, April 25, 2014

Denver Day 5

Bailey finally got a halfway decent nights sleep last night. We put 400MG of Ibuprofen with the sleeping aid to help him rest and not hurt. They say when we sleep, our body heals, so they want him to have as much sleep as possible. This is how I found him when I got out of the shower this morning....Doesn't even look comfortable.

Most of today was all about the wet wraps. We didn't have any appts today other than the Dr and lots of wrapping. We worked on some school during the time we would normally be doing art, psychiatry, or classes. The Drs were very excited about his skin today, but they want to see him over the weekend instead of waiting until Monday. They said they would love to monitor him, so we will definitely go over early in the morning for first wrap, then they are letting me take him to the zoo until late afternoon. He is really excited about going to the zoo! We get in free thanks to the that makes it even better if we can't make it to stay a long time. The only other major news today is they have him off of any milk (includes cheese, butter, etc.) He tested high in the prick test, the puddle test and his blood work. They said hold off until next week when we can do the food challenge to make sure. They want to quadruple check to make sure it doesn't flare his skin or cause any reactions. He was NOT excited about this at all. His diet is so limited and he has a hard time eating as it is. I told him to be patient. I think some of his food problems will be gone by next week. They seem pretty hopeful that they may can give him wheat next week. We shall see. Tonight we were spared from another meal off of the hospital tray or taco bell (what I have ate almost every night) and we went to Udi's over near the hospital. It was delicious and the have lots of gluten free options for him.
 Today they also let us go outside again after lunch as long as he was rubbed down with tons of cream. While we were outside, Bailey found a friend....or two.

It kept trying to get closer to

 Not too long after, another came to join in the fun. They were making me nervous. I could just see one jumping up on him.  :)
 He was in a really good mood, and let me snap a few pics of him...which is rare. Usually all I hear is "MOMMA! STOP!"
His hair is pretty crazy. He refuses to let me cut it at all. He wants it long. So I say, LET IT GO...I am not gonna stress anymore about it. One thing this visit has taught me is let go of those small things. It's really not important. Am I gonna still probably ask him every once in awhile if I can cut it??? Yea, probably so. ;)

He REALLY wanted his picture with this statue...for 3 reasons he said: 1 because its cool, 2 because of the sign behind it that says, "we never say never" (he finds that encouraging) and 3 because the entire family in the statue is naked and he found it incredibly funny. I spared you all by taking a shot from the "backside" ARE WELCOME!

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Alicia Hilyard said...

Bailey, the squirrel whisperer. Hehe. Glad it was a good day an the zoo sounds awesome!! Love you both!